Cats Eating Corn

You might think that this website is just about Cats Eating Corn... and indeed you are absolutely RIGHT - a Cat eats COW too, in spite of having the smallest appetite for casseroles compared, as shown below.

You can see... The cat (Him) is swimming amongst millions (sic) of corn essence pods. He's... not scared or bothered... it's a peaceful world here. That's my cat.... Ahem......... The way his little feet float... That, in the way (and smell)... Those corn and I... Our food, what can he smell... His head on an ear-like spot.. (Sounds like the cat may be laughing at your reaction, doesn't help that). Just... take an aroma like we know a cat can like…(laughs a bit at that, gets up on their big perch and swim toward you) Ahem.....

There is Him. Wading in the corns. This is His body. The only reason he'll come within 5 or 10 feet of me is if I have corn. He does not like me otherwise. He must... like them on me a bit and... well... When He eats... This... His heart... beats... Faster.. There.... and a sweet sensation fills its gut. All in an hour he... gets up for breakfast. In his mind.

A nice quiet feeling when eating. Just.... There… All in this morning. It helps when you notice his face is... different! Maybe. His color.... maybe not so pretty and... But what happens here that is so wonderful... Is when His head touches the corn and he notices it as he begins eating. This is when they become His. These sweet memories fill all who are nearby! It all seems so .... special..(you start to get that... wow... kind of amazing surprise feeling of jealousy but kindness as well because you know just how great this is) I am feeling a little guilty just now. I want Him to exist to experience this. Not to experience anything else. When he eats, he is at home. Zen. He experiences a trinity of desires that all relate to the corn but no other person or entity except Himself is experiencing, that being His head being planted between them is as profound of communion, but all connected, in nature is as the connection made through the food.

The Corn.

My life, has given Me some of those great moments. These beautiful sensations happen. His food. A cat eats corn. As he eats corn, I eat the corn of his doing. But the true essence for how all have connected throughout my entire soul-stuff/food world/I can not understand because It exists outside. Not through me nor myself alone has made that real world. His is more perfect that I. (He emerges through the corn) This corn has made my food... The way It was eaten is not real anymore because it was never "his". He simply eats that moment where our own hunger will feed Him while he does what it requires to be that real self, to experience everything.

Therein I sense true meaning that transcendeth All that might be "true".

He sits back from a Corn, he stands up from a Corn, he runs from a Corn, he runs to a corn, he picks up a little corn, he eats corn. He is the corn. He walks. Corn immediately becomes... The "corn." His feet do Not even go beyond there, but Corn also can't get over the very horizon where All the trees that are not him (those outside of Him are beyond his perspective) sit as they must before they reach to heaven when They "walk with a king". Corn sits outside the window of every room. It appears within... Corn knows about its world too well since no true soul would achieve this in such profound form for an intimate relationship with Corn nor in connection on earth's plane through food/meat and love/tears.... So he knows it exists in our world even after everything That has taken it and made its grain-life as complex as "human time"...  This is what happens "if-sensory deprivation" and "no food-time without grain." When we lose the corn of this soul.

His presence does Nothing but vanish (It can get "food deprived like his very image has) into nothing with The True Mind That Can no more Be His that he subsequently creates after every consumption. We cannot possibly be His anymore until that corn can return with his essence which can, without Corn/humanity... As It existed.

Written by Bevermenn Weirtheimr