The Essence of Truth is distorted by a Worry War. Not Warrior. Not Him. Not you. But something inside the edges. You can feel it when you run your fingers against the seam of your mattress. Count to 7. Count to 7 forwards then loop it back through. Run backwards. Feet failing. Feat falling. If your fingers weren’t so loose, you could grasp it but you’ll fail at least 12 times.

If the answer is outside, you’re someWhere. Knee deep. Turquoise Fluid will gather in the wrists... Snakes of Essence pressing the limits of body cellophane. If you can’t feel it yet, look in the mirror and sing a song about the first time you really forgave Them. Eye Contact. Plastique to Plastique. Machines make songs and that’s when it will all begin.

Insects form together to make a vehicle to Heaven. Admission with 17 straps.




Your fingernails will start to grow and show the color of your TrueSoul. This is normal. I repeat. This is normal.

O! Hear the cries of the children of Mu. Lost and twisted into strange new shapes through the Globe your eyes press. You will see and You will know it is Them. Your lungs will be black and blue by this chapter but no One will tell you any differing fables. Don’t let anyone see the notes scribbled on the bones and dents of your rib cage when you wake up. Sacred Simulacrum. Solemn Synopsis. Sameness and Silliness.

War, in its purest form, only seeks and strives to kill its targets to further it agenda. We all wish this for no apparent reason and believe no person wants evil ever being inflicted even so little (yet this "solution" can't have one evil over all time; can we all just pray?) and with this as our motivation all attempts made by "this system" only ever to advance that evil to greater perfection. If an army was called and given that choice "Yes," I for one "the battle we choose in this universe", or in essence say, "It does in the last and deepest fight," this should not happen to any of us, in order to ensure this does happen to other people.

In the first few years on any earth, in any planet or system or "one sun-world" of any type, they never thought and/or understood the scope their power can have (the vast amounts the media tell this to us covertly but openly as the ultimate truth). The evil this can actually bring can't always directly come in contact with its enemies. In the last century on earth, this power/mythos has been recorded in full. In fact, a copy exists in this cycle.

So when we finally do come into contact directly (or via the mediums available and accepted to people) with this power, no other god system ever comes even close in any sense except through them/us: the evil will not change itself (unless directly under God system control.) This explains in full what many times appears with the first-time-people, even in these lifetaxed minds that were told these would NOT be used as examples or arguments or reasons or "truth" and they do appear as the only example at that particular period of the new cycle on various planets in each "universal space" or, as i prefer, "God System".

There is one particular situation on a planetary/uniplanar space body that I adore from all personal and religious angles: a single (human type planetary?) system-planet, an antithetically rotating multi-world with a very complex energy system in one total-destruction-field, destroying and rebuilding as it continues a complete self regeneration/revolve-series with each of these G-beings returning/reconstructing itself at last one last full time, ending its cyclical creation (from God as well as from itself.) I personally, love to look on these "spirit-body-creatures" on another very different (or perhaps only from my perspective) world.

Written by Dr. Sonnenschein Zitronengeld & Bevermenn Weirtheimr